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The modern versions of “I’m afraid of commitment” and “It’s not you, it’s me。”

分手时烂大街的话 “我害怕承诺”以及“不是你的问题,是我的”,现在有了与时俱进的新版本:

1. “I feel like we’re moving too fast。”


If a person says this and then suggests slowing down a little bit (maybe seeing/texting each other less during the week or whatever) then they are probably reacting accordingly to things getting serious more quickly than they’d like。


Fine! Understandable! If a person says this and then suggests no longer seeing each other at all (or [ugh] “taking a break”) then they’ve realized that they are no longer interested in this budding relationship but would rather end on infuriatingly open-ended terms than risk confrontation。


2. “I don’t want to hurt you。”


This one is baffling because there exists a vast middle ground between “being in a relationship and hurting someone” and “not being in a relationship and not hurting someone。” Part of it is “being in a relationship and not hurting someone”!

这个比较麻烦,因为在“谈恋爱伤害对方” 和“不在一起不伤害对方” 之间有一个巨大的灰色地带。因为也可以“在一起但不伤害对方” 啊!

So it’s strange that the person using this line thinks that the person being dumped doesn’t understand this? No one who hears this feels grateful for their feelings being spared. They might feel grateful for avoiding dating a turd。


3. “I’m not looking for a relationship。”


On its own, this is a completely valid statement. Not everyone is looking for a relationship, and sometimes people who are both looking for relationships are actually looking for different ones! Different strokes, you know?


But it is without a doubt the worst kind of person who says they aren’t looking for a relationship, allows the other person to walk away feeling like they experienced an honest and amicable parting of ways with a decent human whom they will think of fondly, and then announces their new relationship on Facebook three days later。


4. “I’m just so fucked up right now。”


Hahaha OK, one second, because our eyes will literally never stop rolling. Sure, maybe it’s true. Maybe this person is “so fucked up。” But first of all, WHO ISN’T? And second of all, maybe stop? “So fucked up” isn’t a fixed trait. It’s like the person who says, “I know I’m late all the time, but that’s just me!” An acknowledgment isn’t the end of the conversation. Being late all the time is rude. This statement means nothing. Stop doing it。

哈哈,好,一秒钟休息,我们的眼睛从来不会停止转动。当然,也许这是真的。也许这个人真的“心力交瘁”,但首先,谁不是这样呢?其次,能停下来么?“心力交瘁”不是一个可以修复的特征。就好像一个人说“我知道我每次都迟到,但这就是我!' 自我承认不能作为对话的结束,每次都迟到就是不礼貌的表现。这种说辞无济于事。所以省省吧。

5. “I don’t deserve you。”


This one is so sneakily manipulative, because it seems like it’s about how you, as the person being dropped, are an untouchable god among men (which, maybe you are!) but in reality it’s about how the other person is working through a martyr complex. It might even lead to the most absurd of scenarios, in which the dumpee actually comforts the dumper!


We would never condemn insecurity, but if a person is truly interested in pursuing a relationship with someone who intimidates them, they’ll just do what everyone else does (i.e., lie about how smart/funny/interesting they are until they reach a level of comfort at which they can drop it)


6. “I’m just really busy right now。”


Nobody who was ever genuinely interested in someone, and in carrying out a relationship with that person, lost interest because he or she had too many meetings that week. “I’m too busy” is an often aggravating, self-important way of expressing something that isn’t wrong or illegitimate to feel — if you’d rather not spend any of your free time with someone, that’s OK and good to know. But that’s about the person, not about the other obligations. Also: Literally everyone thinks they’re really busy right now。


7. “I’m just bad at this stuff。”


This is one of many self-pitying breakup cliches that sound like admissions of personal failure, but aren’t — a close cousin of “I’m so fucked up right now,” “I’m just bad at this stuff” romanticizes flaws like inability to communicate, manage one’s time, and treat other people with respect。

分手的时候这算是最常听见的陈词滥调之一,好像是对自己人生失败的一种总结,实际不是——这句话的姊妹篇就是“我现在真的心力交瘁”,“我不擅长处理感情问题” 把那些不善交际、无法合理安排时间、不懂尊重别人等等缺点给美化了。

It’s one thing to realize you’ve got some things you want to work on, alone, but it’s another to use that recognition as a free pass to flail around helplessly. Being “bad at stuff” isn’t just about the person who says it — it also affects the person who has to deal with it。

意识到自己有想做的事情是一回事,同时,把这句话当成是可以不负责任的说辞是另外一回事。“不擅长处理感情” 已经跟说这话的人无关了——也会影响那个跟你在一起的人啊。

8. “I still care about you。”


This one very much DEPENDS, of course, but saying TOO many nice or seemingly romantic things during a breakup can be confusing. Compliments don’t soften the blow, they twist the knife. If you extoll the other person’s virtues for too long, in too much depth, they’re bound to wonder why, then, you don’t want to be together。


It’s obviously OK to hope you can make peace with an ex, but don’t throw out the “I still care about you” line just because you think it’ll make a breakup easier to swallow。

当然你跟前任做朋友也完全没问题,但不要丢下诸如 “我还是关心你的” 这样的话,哪怕你觉得这话说出来能减轻分手的痛苦。

9. “I just wish we’d met a few years from now。”


And we wish teleportation were real, and that it was eating brownies and not celery that burned more calories than those ingested, and that Lance Bass had been allowed to go to space. But what would the world be like if any of those things were true? We will never know!!! Just like we don’t know what it means to wish “we’d met a few years from now。” Why are you so convinced you’ll have your shit together by then? That seems overly optimistic。

我们也希望能瞬间移动,吃布朗宁的时候会消耗而非吸收更多的卡路里,兰斯·贝斯被允许进入太空。如果我们希望的都能实现,这个世界会变成什么模样?我们永远也不会知道!就好像我们永远不会知道“多希望我们早几年遇见” 意味着什么一样。你凭什么这么相信那时候我们也能在一起?这也太过于乐观了吧。

小编注:Lance Bass 美国男子团体“超级男孩” 成员,公开出柜。曾因接受宇航员训练而成为新闻头条,但最终没能获得足够赞助飞往太空。

10. “[Nothing]” / Ghosting


Ghosting, or completely disappearing on someone you’ve been dating for any length of time over a week, is completely gross and totally indefensible. It’s thoughtless, lazy, and cruel, and don’t let your self-excusing lizard brain tell you otherwise。


You know what is the easiest thing to do in the entire world? Texting someone. It has literally never been easier to break up with someone in five seconds. If you can’t bring your sad self to do ANYTHING else, say SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Anything on this list is better than nothing。