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Example: The job offers perks in addition to the basic salary. Answer: D 1. Experience in advertising would be helpful in this job. 2. This job would probably suit somebody who has worked in the purchasing department of a large chain of stores. 3. Three years' experience would not be enough for this job. 4. For this job it would be useful if you have studied how to carry out surveys into consumer attitudes. 5. In this job you would take charge of a product which has been on the market for many years. 6. To get this job it is not necessary to have work experience. 7. Such a high-ranking position does not come up very often. A

Product Manager

This company has at present about 30% of the market and a turnover of more than £500 million. The person appointed will have responsibility for a long-established product which is a household name. Experience in the insurance market is necessary and a background in accountancy would be helpful.


Group Product Manager

This is a rare opportunity to work at a senior level for a market leader in the food industry, located in the north of the country. The person appointed will report directly to the Marketing Director and take full responsibility for a turnover in excess of £80 million and a team of three managers. Applicants need to have a minimum of five years’ experience in product management. A market research qualification would be an advantage.


Management Trainees

For this exciting position in the leisure industry we are seeking management trainees to develop excellent buying skills. Possibly a new graduate, the successful applicant may have experience with a big national retailer, but must certainly possess excellent negotiation and communication skills.


Marketing Executive

This important position has recently been created by one of the country’s leading clothes manufacturers. It is an outstanding opportunity for a graduate with two years’ experience in design or magazine publishing. The successful candidate will be given responsibility for a major, recently launched brand. It would be an advantage to have experience of promotional activities. Excellent fringe benefits on offer.

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