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1. _______ should any money be given to a small child.

A. On no account B. From all accounts

C. Of no account D. By all accounts


【解析】具有否定意义的短语on no account用做状语,意为“决不”,用于句首时,句子主谓要倒装。例如: On no account must we view problems superficially and in isolation.我们决不能仅从表面上孤立地看待问题,of no account意为“不重要的”,相当于形容词。例如: His speech was of no account.他的发言毫不重要。from all accounts和 by all accounts意为“从(所有报纸等)的报道看”,例如: From(By) all accounts he has been to Guilin.根据各种说法,他去过桂林。From(By)all accounts he is a good doctor.根据各种说法,他是一位出色的医生。

2. _______ some mammals came to live in the sea is now known.

A. Which B. Since

C. Although D. How


【解析】根据句子结构我们可以看出,在is前面是一个主语从句。而since和although一般均引导状语从句,不引导名词性从句,故B和C应当排除。which作为连接代词,意为“哪些,哪个”,可以引导名词性从句,which在从句中一般做定语,如。 The question is in which way we can carry out the test.问题是我们用什么方法才能进行这次测试。该句中已有some修饰mammals,再用which实属多余,因此A也可以排除。how做连接副调,意为“如何”,可以引导名词性从句, 如:I want to know how he feels about working for 10 hours a day.我想知道他对一天工作10个小时是怎样想的。由此可见D为该题正确答案。

3. ______ student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.

A. Each B. Any

C. Either D. One


【解析】any一般用在否定句或疑问句中(在肯定向中一般要用some),但是该词也可用于肯定句中,意为“任何,无论哪一个”,此时的any须重读。例如: The government is opposed to any further increase in taxes.政府反对进一步增加税收。Any device that stores up electric charge is called an electric capacitor.任何储存电荷的装置都叫电容器。 each做“各自的,每个的,每一”讲,例如:Each book and each pen is found in its place.每一本书每一支笔都放得并并有条。either用作形容词,意为“任一的,(两方中的)每一方的”,常和or连用,例如: In either case,whenever atoms are changed, energy is released.在任一情况下,每当原子发生变化时,总要释放出能量。

4. _______ such a good chance, he planned to learn more.

A. To be given B. Having been given

C. Having given D. Giving


【解析】该题旨在考查非谓语动词的用法。现在分词的完成式表示该分词所表示的动作发生在谓语动词所表示动作之前,而现在分词的一般式则表示该动作和谓语动词的动作同时发生,如: Relying on our own efforts,we overcame one difficulty after another.我们依靠自己的力量克服了一个又一个困难。Having worked among the workers for so many years,he knew them very well.由于在工人中工作多年,他对他们非常了解。根据句意,该处应用被动语态,故B为正确答案,而 C和 D错误。不定式一般用作目的状语,表示将来的动作,如:To generate a current by magnetic action,a wire is made to pass through a mangnetic field.为了通过磁作用来产生电流,可以使用导线切割磁场。 To do a good job,we must have the right tools.要干好活工具要对头。可见A也错误。

5. _______ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better.

A. For B. Now

C. Since D. Despite


【解析】now that是复合连词.意为“既然,由于”,如:Now that you’ve grown up,you must stop this childish behavior. 你既然长大了,就必须停止这种幼稚的行为。for和 since接从句时,都不和that连用,despite后要跟名词,所以正确答案是B。

6. _______ that the trade between the two countries reached its highest point.

A. During the 1960's B. That it was in the 1960's

C. It was in the 1960's D. It was the 1960's


【解析】该题旨在考查强调句型。我们知道,英语强调句型的结构是“It + is (was)+ 被强调部分+ that(who)+ 句子其他部分”。被强调部分可以是主语、宾语或状语,如:It was Tom that(who)met your sister in the zoo yesterday.是汤姆昨天在动物园碰到你姐姐的。 It was your sister that(whom)Tom met in the zoo yesterday.汤姆昨天在动物园碰到的是你姐姐。 It was in the zoo that Tom met your sister yesterday.汤姆昨天是在动物园碰到你姐姐的。 It was yesterday that Tom met your sister in the zoo.汤姆是昨天在动物园碰到你姐姐的。根据句意,该题强调的是时间状语,可见只有C能与之构成完整的强调句型,为正确答案。

7. _______ that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent.

A. So clever are the construction robots

B. So clever the construction robots are

C. Such construction robots are clever

D. Such clever construction robots are


【解析】 such(A用在名词前(带或不带形容词),so用在形容词前(不带名词),例如:She was embarrassed at such a request.对这样的请求她感到很为难。She was anxious about her daughter being out so late at night.女儿晚上外出,很晚不归,她为此担心。“so + 形容词 + a(n)+ 名词”结构常用于书面语。例如:I has never met so gentle a person. This is so beautiful a country.这是一个非常美丽的国家。 用so和such的词组,后面可跟that引导的结果状语从句,例如:She made such a good meal that we all ate far too much.她莱烧得这么好,我们都吃得太多了。根据句意及结构,C Such construction robots are clever和 Dsuch clever construction robots are错误,可改为They are such clever construction robots…。so或 such引起的短语位于句首,表示强调时,主句主谓要倒装。例如:So clever is the boy that we all like him.小孩子十分聪明,我们都喜欢他。 Such was the force of explosion that all the windows were broken.爆炸的威力很大,所有的窗子都震坏了。因此,A正确而B错误。

8. _______ that you were out, I wouldn't have bothered to come all the way at that time of night.

A. If I should know B. If I know

C. Had I known D. Were I to know


【解析】根据句意,此处应使用虚拟语气,因此B错误。A尽管使用了虚拟语气,但它表示的是对一般将来情况的虚拟,所以时态不正确。为了表示语气上的强调,虚拟条件句中可以省略if,而此时从句应使用倒装结构,如: Had he taken a little more time to think,he might have acted more reasonably.如果他再多用一点时间思考一下,他的行动 就可能会更理智些。尽管D也使用了倒装结构,但它表示的是对一般将来的虚拟,时态不正确。可见只有C正确。

9. _______ the advances of science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.

A. As for B. Despite

C. Except D. Besides


【解析】despite意为“尽管,不顾”,引导让步状语,如:He persisted in going his own way,despite my warnings.他不顾我的再三警告,一意孤行。as for意为“至于……,就……而言”,如:As for it,I will say nothing any more.至于这件事情,我不再说什么了。 except意为“除……之外”,表示排除与整体性质相同的人或物,如: He gets up early every day except on Sunday.除星期日外,他每天早起。besides意为“除……之外”,如:Besides English he can speak French and German. 除了会说英语外。他还会说法语和德语。由此可见,B是正确答案。

10. _______ the claim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relatively small the German economy actually is.

A. To give B. Given

C. Giving D. Having given


【解析】过去分词短语作状语一般要和句子主语有逻辑动宾关系,但是有时句子中的过去分词虽然和句子主语不是逻辑动宾关系,但却符合语法,因为这些过去分词功能相当于一个连词或介词,given就是其中之一。 given可用作介词,意为“考虑到,假定,假若”,例如: Given the weather,the football game was quite good.考虑到天气因素,这场足球赛踢得相当不错。Given that he was still a boy,I forgave him.考虑到他还是个孩子,我就原谅他了。

11. ______ the fact that he was in his seventies, the old man decided to swim across the channel.

A. At B. Since

C. Despite D. With


【解析】本句意为“尽管老人已 70多岁,他还是决定要横游过海峡。”despite在此是介词,意为“尽管”,如: Despite a shortage of steel,industrial output has increased by five percent.尽管钢材供应不足,工业产量仍增长了5%。其他三项均不符合本意思。

12. _______ the flood, the ship would have reached its destination on time.

A. In case of B. In spite of

C. Because of D. But for


【解析】would have reached是虚拟语气形式,根据句意,需填入表示虚拟条件的从句或类似结构,因此,选but for。 but for意为“倘没有;要不是”,它与后面的名词所构成的结构的作用相当于虚拟条件状语从句,例如: But for(Had it not been for) your help,we should not have finished in time.要不是你帮忙,我们不会及时完工。 in case of 意为“假如;如果发生,防备”,例如; In case of fire,walk quietly to the nearest door.如发生火灾,要镇静地走向最近的门口。 in spite of 意为“虽然,不顾,尽管……仍……”,例如:In spite of all his efforts he failed.他虽然做了各种努力,仍然失败了, because of意为“因为”,例如:I said nothing about it,because of his wife's being there.因为他的妻子在那里,我对这事一字未提。

13. _______ the library _______ the bookstore has the book I need. Will you tell me where I can get it?

A. Neither, nor B. Neither, or

C. Either, or D. Either, nor


【解析】“neither…nor…”和“either…or…”均为固定搭配,连接两个相等的成分。因此B和D应该排除。“either…or…”连接两个相等的成分时,意为“或者……,或者……”,两者必具其一。根据第二句话,我们知道在the library和 the bookstore均没有“我”所需要的书,故C也应排除.因此只有A是正确答案.

14. _______ the sight of the police officers, the men ran off.

A. In B. At

C. On D. With


【解析】at(the)sight of的意思是“一看见……就”,如: She wept at the sight of his distress. 一宕见他那痛苦的样子她就流泪了。 in sight或within sight意为“看得见,迫近”,如:Peace is now in sight. 和平在望。 in the sight of意为“从……观点来看,在……看来”,如: He was punishable in the sight of law.从法律的角度来看他该受罚。

15. _______ the wall, we decided that we should need three tins of paint.

A. Making up B. Doing up

C. Putting up D. Sizing up.


【解析】size up意为“判断,估量”,如: They sized him up with a look.他们一眼就看出他是什么样的人了make up意为“构成,化妆”,如: A car is made up of many different parts.汽车由许多不同的部件组成。 do up意为“扎,捆”,如: You should do up the parcel.你应把这个包裹捆上. put up意为“举起,建造”,如: put your hands up举起手来。

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