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Considering a career change

*Further study or training

*Opportunities for future promotion


实际工资 real wages 合并 merger

最终目标 ultimate goal 个人收入 personal income

坏的影响 adverse effect 工资价格螺旋上升 wage-price spiral

精明的讨价还价交易 horse-trading 无形资产 intangible assets

资格 qualification 投资回报return on investment


l 更倾向于某一个选项

I would take …….. as my priority 我会把……..作为我的首选项。

The pros of …….. Outweigh its cons. ……..的优点多于它的缺点。

It is more essential to …….。 ………更加重要。

………is a wiser choice. ……..是更明智的选择。

We are strongly tempted to……..

It is apt to……..

I would choose A over B.

l 表示两者缺一不可

They are two sides of the same coin.

They are interdependent and are equally important.

A is the bearing of B.

It is impossible to talk about A Without mentioning B.


Well, career change. That is an interesting topic. As the old saying goes, look before you leap. You’d better be very careful when you make such big decisions. To begin with, further study and training has to be taken into account .the reason is quite obvious with improved and enhanced skills; your job will be safer. Furthermore, opportunities for further promotion also play important roles here. Promotion means more salary and therefore better living conditions. Therefore, we are strongly attempted to choose it, and for some people, this is even the ultimate goal of their job. But it is only half the story. You have to consider about the best development of your potential. In other words, you have to be very clear about your personal interest is and try to enjoy your work and find joy in it, I believe due to different value systems, people may make different choices upon the same thing. As long as I am concerned, I will choose a career that I can fulfill my dream. I mean, if it is not highly paid, I don’t care, I will choose a career I like over opportunity of promotion.

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