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Company Retreats

Dialogue 1

A: Margaret, I'd like you to follow up with the arrangements for our company retreat, to take place next month. We need to book the venue, make arrangements for speakers and door prizes, and set up all the activities and accommodations. Also, very important, we need to determine which of our staff will be eligible and will be available to go. We've got to get a head count in order to make reservations.

B: What's the criteria for staff to attend? Are we only including our management team in this affair? Or will we be extending invitations to lower level employees to attend?

A: Lower level employees need not attend. The purpose of this retreat is for training, specifically for our management team. We want to develop a well-oiled machine on our executive level. In order to get everyone to jell together, we've got to include some fun. That's the reason for the retreat.

Dialogue 2

A: I'd like to welcome everyone to Milton Mabel Co.'s annual company retreat. Now, before you get assigned to your cabins, I'd like to go over a rundown with everyone...

B: Hold on a second, shouldn't we wait for the other bus to get here? We left directly from the office, but I think the other bus of employees left from another pick-up spot. Not everyone's here yet.

A: It's okay, I'll go over everything again when they get here. First, since this is an overnight retreat, you'll all be assigned to a cabin. You'll have a roomie so no complaints! After you get settled in, we've got a workshop to establish goals for our weekend training. Directly after, we'll have dinner, and then some fun ice-breaker activities. Later on, we've got a strategic planning meeting, and we'll finish the night up with nightcap and Jacuzzi.

B: Can we just skip to the Jacuzzi part...

A: Nice try... Now tomorrow we'll be up bright and early for another round of training sessions. I'll give you more details about tomorrow after the other group arrives.

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