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对冲基金 hedge fund

对等开放 reciprocal opening

对方付费电话 collect call 对...

毫无顾忌 make no bones about ...

对话和合作 dialogue and co-operation

对奖活动 raffle

对讲机 talkie and walkie

对抗性矛盾 antagonistic contradiction

对口味 suit one's taste

对口支援 partner assistance (The new partner assistance model in Xinjiang has been copied from the Wenchuan earthquake recovery model. Xinjiang will receive more than 10 billion yuan in economic aid next year from its 19 partners. 即将实施的对新疆的对口支援模式借鉴了汶川灾后重建的模式。新疆明年将收到 19 个援建

省市提供的超过 100 亿元经济援助。)

对内搞活,对外开放 revitalize domestic economy, open up to the outside world

对牛弹琴 play the harp( (lute) to a cow; cast pearls before a swine

对外经济技术交流 economic and technological exchanges with the outside world

对外招商 attract foreign investment 兑现承诺 make good on the promise 队长袖标(足球) skipper's armband

对种粮农民实行直接补贴 directly subsidize grain producers

对中西部地区适当倾斜 appropriately directed to the central and western areas of the country

对抗或强制 confrontation or coercion

对人民币重新估值 revaluation of the Renminbi 独立董事制度 the independent director system 独立学院(大学中的) independent college

蹲点 (of cadres) stay at a selected grass-roots spot (for investigation and study)

蹲点跑面 gain experience in selected spots and then spread it over the whole area

敦煌石窟 Dunhuang Grottoes

多边贸易谈判 mult ilateral trade negotiation

多边贸易谈判 mult ilateral trade talks

多边贸易体制 the multilateral trading system

多边政策 mult ilateralism

夺标 win the championship

多层次资本市场体系 the multi- layer capital market system

多碟 DVD multidisc DVD player

多功能汽车 mult i-purpose vehicle (MPV)

多功能性(农业) multifunct ionality

夺冠 take the crown

多(跨)国公司 mult inational companies

多国维持和平部队 mult inational peach-keeping force

多极化 mult i-polarizat ion

多极时代 mult i-polar times

多极世界 mult i-polar world

多极性 mult i-polarized

多劳多得 more pay for more work

多媒体 mult imedia

多媒体短信服务 MMS (Multimed ia Messaging Service)

多年积累的深层次问题 long-standing and deep-seated problems

多任务小卫星 small mult i-mission satellite (SMMS)

多头市场 bull market

多头账户 long account

多头执法 duplicate law enforcement

多 退 少 补 refund for any overpayment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency

多元化 pluralism

多元社会 pluralistic society

多元文化社会 mult i-cultural society

多种经济成分 diverse sectors of the economy

多种经营 diversified economy

多边贸易 mult ilateral trade

多予少取放活政策 the policy of giving more, taking less and loosening control 多种所有制经济共同发展 allow d iverse forms of ownership to develop side by side 杜莎夫人蜡像馆 Madame Tussauds

渎职 derelict ion of duty

厄尔尼诺现象 El Nino phenomenon

恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation

恶性循环 vicious circle

恶意营销 smear campaign (A highly publicized incident about milk products that caused baby girls to develop breasts may have been a smear campaign by a competitor. 之前被广泛报道的奶粉致女婴乳房过早发育事件也许是来自竞争对手的恶意营销手段。)

鳄鱼的眼泪 crocodile tears

恶作剧 mischief; leg-pull

伤痕文学 scar literature; the literature of the wounded

恶搞 spoof

恩格尔系数 Engel's coefficient--the proportion of expense on food to the consumption expense

二把手 second in command

二百五 a stupid person

二板市场 growth enterprise board; second board market; hi-tech board


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