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Facebook and Apple are offering women employees the chance to put their dreams of motherhood on ice – by paying for them to freeze their eggs.

The extraordinary perk is aimed at boosting the number of women staff by allowing them to focus on their careers without sacrificing the opportunity to have children later in life。

The Silicon Valley giants – the first major employers to offer the procedure for non-medical reasons – are willing to pay £12,500 a time to cover the cost of putting the eggs on ice plus an additional £300-a-year for deep freeze storage。

The eggs can then be planted into the patient’s uterus at time of her choosing when she may no longer be producing them naturally. According to NBC News, Facebook has begun paying for egg freezing and Apple will start in January。

Preserving eggs has been described as a key to ‘levelling the playing field’ in the male-dominated tech industry and a possible game-changer for women who have traditionally had to choose between their careers and starting a family at a time when their male counterparts are climbing the ladder. ‘Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do,’ Brigitte Adams, an egg-freezing advocate and founder of the patient forum Eggsurance.com, told NBC。

‘By offering this benefit, companies are investing in women and supporting them in carving out the lives they want,’ she added。

Paying for the procedure can be seen as rewarding women employees for their commitment, said San Francisco specialist Philip Chenette. Women who know they want children someday ‘can go on with their lives and know that they’ve done everything that they can’。

In the past year, fertility doctors in New York and San Francisco report that egg freezing cases have nearly doubled。

In a 2013 survey published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, a majority of patients who had their eggs frozen reported feeling ‘empowered.’

The fact that two of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are introducing the initiative is no coincidence. Tech giants are fighting for talented staff in what has become known as the ‘perk arms race’。

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, in particular, is known for her pro-women stance。

The social media firm gives new parents £3,000 in so-called ‘baby cash’ to spend however they like. Both firms also offer generous wellness-orientated benefits to staff。

Critics say the move is simply a ploy to persuade women to stay with the company。

Last night an Apple source indicated the company had no plans to extend the policy to the firm’s UK workforce。

An Apple spokesman in the US said: ‘We want to empower women at Apple to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones and raise their families.’

However Harvard Law School academic Glenn Cohen, asked: ‘Would potential female associates [staff] welcome this option knowing that they can work hard early on and still reproduce, if they so desire, later on?

'Or would they take this as a signal that the firm thinks that working there as an associate and pregnancy are incompatible?’




冷冻卵子后,女员工可以自行选择时间提出卵子植入子宫,这样即使她已不能自然排卵时也能怀孕。据美国全国广播公司(NBC News)报道,Facebook最近已开始落实这一福利,苹果则将于明年1月开始。

冷冻卵子被称作是“平衡男性主导的科技行业男女比例”的关键,也可能因此改写以往的游戏规则:男性可以专注于事业,而同样处于事业上升期的女性却必须在事业和家庭之间选一个。“身居要职和当一个好妈妈目前仍不能两全,”布里吉特•亚当斯(Brigitte Adams)这样告诉NBC的记者,她是冷冻卵子计划的支持者之一,也是美国“卵保”论坛(Eggsurance.com)的创始人。


旧金山生殖医学专家菲利普•钱内特(Philip Chenette)表示,报销冷冻卵子费用可视为对女员工敬业精神的回馈。有了这项福利,有未来受孕计划的女性便“可以继续她们眼下的生活,并且清楚自己已做好了足够准备。”


2013年美国期刊《生育与不孕》(Fertility and Sterility)的一项调查显示,接受了卵子冷冻的大多数女性表示她们感觉“自己的权利得到了保障”。


Facebook的首席运营官雪莉•桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)尤其以其女性主义立场著称。





然而哈佛大学法学院(Harvard Law School)的学者格伦•科恩(Glenn Cohen)却对此表示了质疑:“不知道女性员工们对此会有何看法;她们会赞成现在拼命工作然后晚点儿再生宝宝,还是会据此认定企业仍然觉得工作和怀孕不能兼顾?”