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What do men past a certain age want to see more of on dates? Below, HuffPost Divorce bloggers share what they wish more women would do before, during and after dates。

成熟的男人希望在约会中看到什么呢?在约会前、约会中和约会后,男人希望女人做些什么呢?下面,HuffPost Divorce的博主分享了他们的想法。

Take it away, guys。


1、“If we‘ve never met before, make a definite first move to establish whether we’re doing a handshake or hug。 Doesn’t matter which, just help ease that awkward first greeting。” -- Barry Gold


2、“Please forgive the first 10 dumb things I say and do (if they are not deal-breakers for you) as I’m a mess。 The second date will be better, I promise。” -- Antonio Sacre, author of My Name is Cool: Stories from a Cuban-Irish-American Storyteller


3、“Don‘t ask why I’m divorced until at least the third date。 I know you want to know about past relationships but on the first date I‘m not ready。” -- Elliott Katz, author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man


4、“Let me hold the door open for you。” -- Chad Stone, author of The Love Magnet Rules


5、“If you are a heart surgeon waiting for an urgent text to save someone’s life, by all means, have your phone on the table。 Otherwise, please put it away。” -- Antonio Sacre


6、“Offer to pay。 I have no problem paying for dinner but please at least give us ‘the reach。’ Make a move for the check a) so the guy can say, ‘Please, let me get this!’ and b) it proves you are at least interested enough to invest in the evening。” -- Craig Tomashoff

6、“主动付钱。晚饭我付账没问题,但请至少给我们一个表现自己的机会。主动去付账,那样的话 a) 男方就有机会说“请让我来付吧!” b) 你至少看起来对这个晚上有足够的兴趣,愿意为此投入。”——克雷格-托马索福

7、“Compliment us。 I work out and one of the reasons I do so -- outside of staying healthy -- is so women can see that I‘m a man who takes care of himself。” -- Lee Kronert, author of Mental Cruelty: A Novel for Divorced Men


8、“A little encouragement goes a long way。 Silence is not golden。 ‘I’m having fun’ is cool。” --Ken Solin, author of The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online


9、“Disagree with us! Quiz us。 Debate us。 Really throw down the gauntlet by claiming ‘Die Hard’ isn’t the greatest movie of all time。 Challenging us means you’re interested in how we think and that’s the sexiest experience a guy could ask for。” -- Craig Tomashoff


10、“During the date, a light touch on the hand or arm says a lot about your interest in us。 No, we won’t consider it foreplay。” -- Ken Solin


11、“Don’t talk badly about your ex because if you are going to talk badly about him, then I have no doubt that at some point, you‘ll be talking badly about me to some other stranger。” -- Al DeLuise


12、“After a date, please pick up the phone when I call。 A call means I really like you。” -- Chad Stone